Chairman Michael J. Madigan

Thank you for visiting the newly re-designed Democratic Party of Illinois website.  We’ve listened to many people who have generously shared their ideas for how we can make our website more appealing and useful to visitors.

While this is a time of unprecedented challenges for our state and nation, it is also a period of great opportunity for positive change.  John F. Kennedy famously observed that, "a rising tide lifts all boats."  President Kennedy's words still speak to the task before us today: to help lead the state towards a new era of prosperity that benefits all Illinoisans.

Among the great strengths of the Democratic Party is that we are forward looking and inclusive.  We welcome all that are eager to overcome obstacles and tackle the tough issues so that we can keep making progress on some of our most important priorities like health care, education, environmental preservation, infrastructure investment, workers’ rights, economic development, and consumer protection.

We strongly believe that Democrats are best able to advance an agenda that creates opportunities for all of our citizens to prosper and have a fair chance to achieve the American Dream. If you would like to be a part of this effort, please consider volunteering your time and talents by joining the Democratic Team.  

Thanks, again, for visiting.

Michael J. Madigan
Chairman, Democratic Party of Illinois